Do you really want to take steps in your personal development? Are you ready to become more powerful, regardless of the challenges that come your way? Do you long to have more control over your work and life? And are you looking for effective ways to deal with difficult people and situations? 

The answer is simple: the Slow Reflector! This unique tool accelerates you to the core of your personal growth. With the Slow Reflector you discover the deeper layers of yourself and gain insights that you cannot find anywhere else. 

Are you ready to get started with your own behavior? Don't know where to start or what guidance you need? The Slow Reflector is your compass on the road to personal success. 

Do not wait any longer! Request the Slow Reflector now and experience how you can find the key to your personal development faster than ever.

You can request the compact slow reflector below at an introductory price of €69.95 for €29.95 including VAT.
A nice alternative to easily start the next step in your development is the  Slowtalk card game. Discover more about yourself.. 
You can order this physical, extended version of the Slowreflector via our shop.

Try the slow reflector

Arrange your development interview, performance interview, annual appraisal, take control yourself and do not wait for your manager or a colleague.

Request your personal login code here.

Buy the Slow Talk card game

The card game invites you to further utilize your development potential together with fellow group members and to (re)discover your talents, from within, from your behavior.

What do you get?

You get a shortened version of the reflector with the following options/functionalities.

Access to the app

Access to the app with questionnaire and results.

2 feedback providers

In this version you can add two feedback providers.

3 reports

Reflection advisory report
Dialogue advisory report
Development ability reporting

Cherish points

Insight into the points to cherish.

Development points

Insight into the points you can develop.

Development ability

Your development ability shown in a percentage.

Do you want even more insight?

Then follow the slow training: inzicht in je ontwikkelvermogen.
This training provides a powerful basis for conducting your own development interview with the Slow reflector.

The following online training courses are available to support you in arranging your own development interview:

Or are you looking for a coach to support you with this, check out our website:


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