Do you work in an organization where the desire and need for personal and team development are significant? Then we understand the challenges you face. But we have good news: the Slow Reflector is ready to take your team and organization to new heights, and the Slow Talk card game is our secret weapon.

With the Slow Reflector, engaging in effective and profound conversations becomes second nature. This not only helps you discover hidden potential but also provides insights into what is happening at the personal and team levels. It acts as your early warning system, keeping you one step ahead at all times.
What can you expect? A complete Toolkit for personal and team development, complemented by the Slow Talk card game. This allows you to elevate conversations, enhance understanding, and stimulate creative thinking within your team. The cards offer a playful yet profound way to uncover hidden insights and ideas.
From engaging discussions to practical micro-learnings, all readily available through our intuitive app. You'll immediately receive a clear roadmap to start your development journey. The result? Not only more work happiness but also a significant improvement in teamwork and collaboration, all complemented by the Slow Talk card game.
Get ready for change, invest in growth, and let the Slow Reflector, along with the Slow Talk card game, guide your organization to success. Ready to begin?ur team. The cards offer a playful yet profound way to uncover hidden insights and ideas.
Slow reflector app


The slow reflector is an HR tool that supports you to have conversations in a different, more in-depth way. Fill in the reflector with the statements via the app and invite 1 to 4 feedback providers. Based on your results, you will gain insight into the extent to which you use your development capacity. In addition to your own insights, you get insights from your feedback providers. After completing the form, you can download the reflection, dialogue and development reports (pdf) via the app, follow microlearnings and do a coach check.

You can download 6 microlearnings based on the development points from the reflection report. These are short e-learnings with which you take the first steps to make more use of your development capacity. You can start a conversation with your feedback providers based on the talking points from the dialogue report. You get to know each other better and have a better understanding for each other. It also provides great additional insights

The development capacity of yourself and/or your team is expressed in the development report as a percentage. This gives the opportunity to compare with yourself, with feedback providers, other team members, the organization and offers the possibility to focus more on your development, on your behavior. This has a stimulating effect and contributes to making your growth more sustainable

The reports help you get started with your own development. The development capacity provides a percentage of insight into the extent to which you use your development capacity. If you have a question about the meaning of the percentage and or about the extent to which you can get started yourself, then ask your question and we will contact you. This coach check is free so feel free to use it. Email your question to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


You gain more awareness and understanding for yourself and for each other

You receive targeted development points to get started right away

You get targeted talking points to start a conversation with each other

You save time through much less hassle and easy reporting

you gain insight into the extent to which you use your development capacity

You can get started right away and see an immediate effect on your behaviour

You get a state of the art slow reflector app to work with


The slow reflector is not a test, scan or assessment. It is a tool to tackle the challenges you face and the movement the organization is making with more development capacity. Below is an overview of what the app is and isn't.

Qualities slow reflector


Step 1

Download the app and log in with unique code.

Step 2

Fill in statements and invite feedback providers.

Step 3

Download reports in your email.

Step 4

Study reports and choose development points (possibly do a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Step 5

Select microlearnings in the app and start immediately.

Step 6

Reflect and enjoy your progress.

qualities Slow reflector app

Simplicity, user-friendly and meeting the highest quality standards are paramount for the slow reflector app. After receiving your login code, invite feedback providers and get started answering the statements. The results provide a razor-sharp, measurable insight into your development capacity and how to make more use of this through nurturing, development, talking points and microlearnings.


After you have completed answering the statements, you download your reflection and dialogue report as a basis for conducting conversations (based on the insights obtained and to be obtained). You then choose 1 to 3 microlearnings to get started with your own development. In addition, you will receive three microlearnings from the app based on your results.


A microlearning consists of an introduction, an explanation and explanation of the statement with the points for development, a deepening to develop more from within and a learning route with learning activities.


Number of Slow reflectors

Period *



Unit price

Price per year

Prices are excluding 21% VAT

* Period of time - extra information
1 year: fill in 2 reflectors (zero and one measurement)
2 years: fill in 4 reflectors
3 years: fill in 6 reflectors
5 years: fill in 10 reflectors


As an individual, team or organization you can get started with the Slow Reflector in different ways:


Our partners guide you through the use of the Slow Reflector. They ensure that the Reflector is used efficiently and effectively and that it is solidified within the organization.


Employees of the organization will be trained to work with the Slow Reflector in the organization. In doing so, they ensure that the Reflector is implemented, and that knowledge transfer and assurance happens.


After a short introduction via an E-learning, employees start working with the Reflector independently. When necessary, support is provided through our support team.

Roadmap Slow reflector
Slow reflector app for (self)development


By periodically paying attention to your development and nurturing points on a personal and team level, personal leadership is anchored in your daily practice. But that is not everything! With the Reflector you also measure your development capacity and you enter into a conversation, supported by the method of the Slow approach circle and the leadership trajectory of the relationship circle. This creates a deep connection and appreciation between you and your colleagues. Dive into this touching tool and watch you grow and shine together! For a lasting effect see below for our 1,3 or 5 year subscriptions.


In practice it appears that the effect and meaning of the slow reflector is best experienced by trying out the reflector yourself.
We would like to invite you to try out the slow reflector via a shortened demo.
You can fill in the abbreviated demo via the link below. We are very curious what you think of it and will be happy to contact you after completing it.


“It offers me opportunities to gain more insight. And that there are several ways of communicating that bring people closer together. I think it's a great way to see change in just one conversation. And how pleasant this is experienced”.


“The Slow reflector is an effective aid for reflection. After a certain time, it is nice to pick up the Reflector again and get back together with the other person, to reflect on what has changed and what process you have gone through in this. Now people listen to each other better and we have a common goal in mind, which is reflected in the contact with clients. As a result, we are one team and we radiate this.”


"What it has brought me is even more insight, but especially depth in the actions of both myself and my colleagues. By entering into a conversation with my colleagues on the basis of the Reflector frees up even more space to look for the real depth and you get to know your colleagues but also yourself even better.”


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