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Find your growth

The card game to discover your growth path together!

The card game invites you to explore your development potential together with fellow group members and (re)discover your talents from within, based on your behavior. Through this, you gain insights into development areas that contribute directly: swiftly, concisely, and powerfully! You regain a sense of direction in the many possibilities of personal development.

Playing the card game with others allows you to get to know and understand each other better.

The card game consists of engaging and sensitive statements that make the unspoken discussable. This way, you quickly get to the core of what's happening or at stake. You will listen more and judge less. The questions in the card game challenge you to reflect on your own and encourage your fellow players to reflect as well. The game concludes by choosing one development area to work on.

For each development area, a microlearning is available through the e-book, or you can choose to use the Slow Reflector app to work on it.

The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are

~ Rumi ~

Slow Talk is an inspiring game

Designed for playing together and to playfully reflect on your points of development and cherishments. It offers an interactive and educational experience that invites you to self-reflection and personal growth.

Slow Talk is a confronting game

It is also a confronting game. You are challenged and encouraged to speak up about what is truly at play in a statement and what your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are about it. This can be confronting for fellow players (and for yourself) and equally invites self-reflection and personal attention.

How does it work?

The game starts by appointing a game leader, distributing the cards, and choosing a theme. Then, the game begins by drawing a card with an indicator and statement. Based on this, as a participant, you indicate the extent to which the statement applies to you (round 1) or your fellow player (round 2). Subsequently, using the methodology of the addressing circle, you engage in a conversation with each other. You draw as many cards as necessary to arrive at the choice of development areas.

The game ends when all participants have chosen a development area (round 3). As an alternative, you can also opt for a group development area. The development areas then also serve as the starting point for a subsequent Slow Talk session. The frequency and duration are determined by the group itself! Self-reliance of the participants and the group takes precedence in this.

The Slow team wishes you beautiful insights, lots of gaming pleasure, and a valuable Slow Talk experience!

Player responses

It's so beautiful that with this innovative card game, you can ask and give reflection in a different way. When you can truly discuss what matters, you get to the core. These questions invite you to do so.

It's a different way of conducting performance or development discussions, that's one way to look at it. Or at least a way to gather input for these discussions. This helps you establish development goals that really matter.

Also great to use in team sessions where team members can get to know each other better, complement each other, and provide appreciative feedback.

Irene via

The game lowers the threshold to openly express those feelings and thoughts that are difficult to articulate and have a conversation about. The statements are provocative, inspiring, and above all, touching, leading to a valuable exchange.

The game concludes with a specific development area, making it practical and applicable. I have applied it myself as an alternative to the more traditional performance review. It was also very pleasant to do.

Jessie via

I purchased the Slow Talk card game for my work. As an IT company, we are mostly focused on finding solutions and answers that preferably always remain the same. Predictability in all aspects is crucial for us as a company.

I noticed that no matter how well we function as a company, we can invest much more in our people. Especially in the area of conversations, there was room for improvement. We wanted to approach this in an accessible way. Not very complicated processes, but rather an approachable and pleasant way to engage in conversations with each other. To truly have conversations about each other's interests, strengths, and weaknesses.

Slow Talk turned out to be a very suitable method for this. The variety of topics covered is more than sufficient. Sometimes quite confronting, by the way. Especially when it comes to vulnerability or the way you make choices. And, of course, the level of safety you feel within the company.

For us, the card game provides a basis to have good conversations, to have conversations with staff from a managerial perspective, and to simply get to know and understand each other better. In other words, it has become a valuable addition to our toolkit.

Furthermore, it's very nice that the cards are of a good large size, making the texts easily readable. Clearly, the layout has been well thought out. The color scheme is pleasant and clear. Additionally, there is a clear bound description/instruction manual included.

Rob via

Slow Talk card game

The first version of the card game, the expanded version with 10 leadership categories, each containing 8 statements, was launched on September 7th. You can order the card game below for the special introductory price of €59.95 including VAT.

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