We believe that by allowing personal and professional growth to go hand in hand, the motivation and involvement of people and teams is strengthened. Grow by learning and developing from within yourself, together with your team! In addition to slowing down, Slow stands for learning together as you go forwards. Learning and developing together creates more fun and contributes to a sustainable learning culture.

Growing from the pursuit of discovering the best and most beautiful aspects of yourself and others, requires you to observe carefully what is going on with yourself, with others and in your environment! We see that slowing down thoughtfully is necessary to discover what has the best and most positive effect in order to achieve growth. 
In addition to slowing down and learning together along the way, we believe that developing in order to grow requires looking at perceived development obstacles from the core of yourself. Obstacles are often fear-driven and cannot be overcome just by seeing them. They are fed by your thoughts and feelings and are persistent. It requires that you develop through changing your behaviour to act differently and to give space to face the fearful emotions. By working on your obstacles first, you clear the way to develop, to grow.
In addition, you have thoughts, feelings, behaviour and emotions that are stimulating you to develop. You can use this as a quality or characteristic to get the best and most beautiful out of yourself and others to grow.


Our team consists of a network of partners who use the Reflector for their clients or their organization. Our business partners use the Reflector via dashboards and our app, with the support of our customer service team. Our partners can be found on our Slow Network site. We would like to introduce our own team here:

Hans Heijnen

Hans Heijnen

CEO, Founder. A free person with attention to fellow man, woman and nature.

Lisa Scheeren

Lisa Scheeren

Communication and Relation manager. A discovering person with a focus on ethics and hospitality.

Irene van der Laan

Irene van der Laan

Project manager mkb SLIM and STAP. Spontaneous and alert with an eye for sustainable development.

Lisa van Schaik

Joey Grünholz

Online campaign leader/Dashboard operator. An inquisitive person who pays attention to people's wishes and needs


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